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Make sure you're bundling up, because its a real chill fest this winter. While Vancouver is known for its mild winters, a frozen chill has fallen over the land following the rift opening from Ketsune, in the event that released all those savage beasts into Vancouver. In fact with temperatures consistently dropping from 20c to 30c below zero you need to be careful. Some days have even dipped down to an offensive -45c Below! This winter has brought with it assaulting Arctic winds along with record breaking snow fall. Careful out there. Some call it a winter wonderland. But it's a deadly one.
average temperature: -25c
dangers: Frost bite, hypothermia, ice, poor road & sidewalk conditions (City is unprepared to deal with snow amount),
average snow depth: 1ft
temperature variations: 5c to -45c
Hello everyone, welcome to the Carnal. We are currently working on getting the site ready for open. The target date is 02/01/15
About yee ol' event here bitch. Love it and take part!
About yee ol' event here bitch. Love it and take part!
About yee ol' event here bitch. Love it and take part!
groups male female other total
earth 00 00 00 00
water 00 00 00 00
Fire 00 00 00 00
air 00 00 00 00
metal 01 00 00 01
wood 00 00 00 00
kingdom come
site credits
First and foremost. The Carnal is a completely original supernatural site based off of books being written by Alysha Taylor (Alygator). The site skin was made by Alygator, as well as the site templates. So. The sites plot matter, canon characters, creature write ups, custom layout, site templates, site banner are all credited to Alygator. The fonts on the site are used from google fonts. For the tabs on the sidebar thanks to Tab Content script v2.0- © Dynamic Drive DHTML code library. And of course user images, plots, and characters credited to each member unless otherwise stated (ie canons)
don't steal!
otm awards
currently non have occurred!
Month of January!
your staff
Currently your staff is our two founding admins, ALYGATOR and SLYVESTER.
run bitch run

 Content Restricted
Here at The Carnal we are a mature role playing game and require our members to be a minimum of eighteen years old, all characters themselves need to also be at a matured state of at least eighteen. We are an original supernatural rpg. Full of creatures and beasties that have a pension for violence and brutality. So - ye who enter be warned! The content you are about to view may contain material not suitable for those under 18 years of age.

Age confirmation is necessary for access to any content restricted area of the board. If you wish to view such material, please confirm it and your age.

By filling out this form you are certifying that you are of legal age to view adult or mature content which may be explicit and uncensored.
Please enter your birthday to continue:

This data is for verification purposes only and will not be stored, only your preference for viewing restricted content.

in character chat
Our site Cbox takes place in a few places all located along the cost of Vancouver City. First of all, we have the famed STANLEY PARK that spans along the ocean. This beautiful park is a popular location. As well as fictional surrounding areas including a CAFE' simply called the OCEAN BREEZE CAFE. There is also a bar&grill called OCEAN SIDE BAR & GRILL.

For the supernatural there is the STANLEY VEIL. A secret, quaint town located through a door in the back side of the Ocean Side Bar and grill. A portal really. The town has shopping places, a bar, restaurants catering to supernatural creatures of all kinds... and some less than savory businesses run by outlaws. You may not CONTROL or EFFECT a character outside your own without the other roleplayers express permission.

While we do allow explicit sexual encounters in the cbox, and moderate violence please do not go overboard. The ICC is not for major plot happenings. And things such as physical fighting should be kept to the forums NOT THE CBOX. The cbox of course is not meant to be some kind of fuck fest or fight fest... So please keep that in mind. Also. Don't forget this is just a privilege. If it starts taking away from actual site posts and activity, the privilege will be revoked.

What happens in the ICC happens to your character. Its canon. If something happens that you did not approve of, contact an admin. We can let the other rper know of the violation and you will not be forced to keep to it and can just act as if it never occurred.

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