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Currently we have a few full limited species. Such as the Drakon, Nephilim, as well as the Revenant. We also currently have a ban on free fertile harquim. Though there will be more fertile females allowed - so long as they are owned.

n e e d s

There are a lot of things that we currently are still in need of. Of course we are in need of members of the Astral Paw. But also, in general we are needing those in the flight group. We could also use more seely.

u p d a t e s

Hello all the lovely Carnalite's! We are still having the sign up for the Astral Paw Gala site event. The first part of the Gala is going to go up. AKA before shit hits the fan. Remember this site event is meant to be rapidfire. Think of it like the ICC chat. We want things to keep on moving so we can get somewhere.

Now we have also added a few new species in. And we plan to have more soon as well. So dont forget to keep an eye open for what fun beasties will be available soon. It is almost time for another activity check. So start thinking about that everyone. And that also means our OTM's will be flying about soon as well!




open threads



RULES: You are not allowed to post in the icc box without first having your character accepted. You may have NPC's in your icc posts, but you may not rp an npc. What in the dickens does that mean? You can do this:
NARKISSA HARONDALE: *issa whips her head over as the drunk makes a remark. Upon that comment she launched her fist gloriously into the popmus face cushen of the ass hat - then turning back to Ren* Sorry you where saying?
TYREN NATHUS: *ren chuckled at Issa's intolerence of the stranger* Never mind

But you are not allowed to....

SOME NPC: *laughs* You are an idiot. *punches Tyren looking for a fight*

-well I mean. We are not supposed to physically do anything to another persons character without their permission. Or leave it open to interpretation. But aside from that I hope you get what I mean. npc are okay in a post but not as a poster.

Going back to the physically effecting another persons character. That's a no without their permission. Multiple complaints may lead to you being banned from the icc!

STANLEY PARK: ** human and supernaurals alike** Stanley park is a picturesque location, 1000+ acre's of beautiful park that borders downtown Vancouver and nearly fully surrounded by the waters of Vancouver Harbor and English Bay. It is a public place that all creatures, human and non human alike can visit.

DRAGON FIRE BAR & GRILL: **Humans and supernatural alike. Creatures shouldnt publicly show abilities unless in the private area which is reserved for the supernatural **Dragon Fire Bar & Grill is a lively bar and grill that has a neat, medieval sort of feeling to it. The outside looks a lot like a castle, when you first enter you can go to the right and enter the restaurant area, or you can go to the left and find a lovely lounge and bar. Where they often have live music and have quiet the show from the bartenders. It is a place that is open to both supernatural and natural people. The inside decor has a very stone and barn wood / drift wood feeling to it. It is a very memorable decor, with murals and paintings over the walls. It has two levels to it. Upstairs is further dining as well as a 'coffee' den. Fighting can get a character kicked out by one of them so careful with that. Dragon Fire is a safe place for human and supernatural alike. take a look.

LEVIATHAN: **Supernatural creatures only. Unless a human slave/servant brought in WITH a supernatural creature** Leviathan is a world wide known franchise of night clubs, exclusive as they come it seems. Really it is a supernatural night club, bouncers at the door are sensitives to separate human from supernatural. The only humans that make it in are those whom come with masters. And each of the locations has had to deal with body disposal when things got messy. But thanks to the heavy spells on them police have never found out. At least the ones they don't want to know. The main level is a modern night club, most nights with a DJ, some live performers. Downstairs is a strip club, one that doesn't always have their performers in human form, and one that allows you to pay for sex. And upstairs is a large bar and lounge that has live music every night. A little taste of poison for everyone. And a menu that you wont find in most places, especially human. All workers are supernatural species. Not human. Remember. To have your character in here they have to be supernatural!

UTOPIA: **Safe house CAN have humans, but basically all of Utopia outside of that are supernatural only ** no, it isn't actually the perfect place where everything is just right. It is the name of a supernatural place that was made to protect humans and supernatural creatures alike. It is a place where people can stay long term, short term. It is like a giant house. The door to get to Utopia changes and can be found anywhere and nowhere alike. Some can use a sigil to get it to open into Utopia. Others just find themselves here when in danger - where they knew they were or not. No matter were they entered. Or how big the building, Utopia is always the same. And even in the city - somehow opens to a back yard where there is just a clearing, a lake, hills and mountains as far as the eye can see. It has warding and protection spells against ill intent. Utopia is a place humans and supernaturals alike can feel fee to rp.

What is cool about Utopia is it is not just a house. Once out in the back you can walk down a worn path and find a little village. It is a supernatural village with shops and stores. Only heavily warded from anyone being able to find it naturally. There is even a dive bar, a public pool, a public garden, ext. But as nice as it is - remember - it is a supernatural town. And boy, do things go bump in the night. Its best to stay in the Utopia safe house.

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